Visiting Professor

Adjunct Faculty


Trevor Eppehimer

Trevor Eppehimer

Academic Dean

Ph.D., Union Theological Seminary in New York (2006).
M.Div., Yale Divinity School (1999).
B.A., Saint Olaf College (1995).

Denominational Affiliation:
United Methodist

Teaching Interests:
Systematic Theology
Philosophy of Religion
Political Theology
19th and 20th Century Protestant Thought
History of Christian Doctrine.

Publications and Presentations:


Protestantism (Tarrytown: Marshall Cavendish Benchmark, 2007).

"Victor Anderson's Beyond Ontological Blackness and James Cone's Black
Theology: A Discussion" in Black Theology: An International Journal (January 2006).

Book Review:
Saint Paul: The Foundation of Universalism by Alain Badiou, trans. Ray Brassier (Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2003) in Union Seminary Quarterly Review 59, nos. 3-4 (2005).

The Cambridge Companion to Postmodern Theology, ed. Kevin J. Vanhoozer (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2003) in Union Seminary Quarterly Review 58, nos. 3-4 (2004).

Panelist, Rethinking the Field Consultation ("The Role of Liberal Theology in the Discipline"), American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting,Washington D.C. (November 19, 2006).

"Challenges and Tasks Facing Contemporary Christian Theology," St. Mary's Episcopal Church, New York, NY (June 17, 2006).

"The Future of Protestantism: A Response to Graham Ward," Iliff School of Theology, Denver, CO (April 18, 2005).

Online Publications
Monthly Contributor, Quick to Listen ( (2007-Present).

Essayist, The Christian Networks Online Journal (2000-2001).

Titles of contributions:
"A Debate from the Past to Illuminate the Present: H. Richard Niebuhr and Reinhold Niebuhr on Christianity, Militarism, and Pacifism," (October 2001).

"Running to Easter, Avoiding the Cross: A Reflection on Good Friday," (April 2001).

"Religion, Politics, and the Church of Jesus Christ," (November 2000).

"A Biblical Concept of the Church," (October 2000).

"Abundance and the Christian Life: A Theological Perspective," (August 2000).

Prior Teaching
Union Theological Seminary in New York
Fordham University

American Academy of Religion

Ministerial Service
Theologian in Residence, Christ and St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, New York, NY, (2006-2007).

Lectures Delivered:

"Reading the Bible after the Enlightenment" (1/14/07).
"Why did Jesus Die?" (1/21/07).
"Must Christians Believe in Hell?" (1/28/07).
"Innocent Human Suffering and the Christian Faith," (3/25/07).
"Quests for the Historical Jesus," (4/22/07).
"Christian Faith and American Politics," (5/13/07).
"Is Jesus the Unique Mediator of Salvation?" (5/20/07).
Seminary Intern, First and Summerfield United Methodist Church, New Haven, CT (1998-1999).