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Hood Mission Statement

The purpose of the Seminary is to educate and prepare men and women for leadership in the various ministries and vocations of the Christian church. Commitment to Jesus Christ informs that purpose and inspires the Seminary's mission.

That mission is to provide for the church, particularly the African Methodist Episcopal Zion (AME Zion) communion, an educational community in which Christian maturity and ministerial preparation may together take place.

In pursuing its purpose and mission, the seminary incorporates into its programs the spiritual, personal, intellectual, and professional components of a rigorous theological education, essential for effective Christian witness and ministerial practice.

Founded and supported by a predominantly African American denomination, the AME Zion Church, the Seminary takes seriously the challenge to prepare men and women from all walks of life for Christian ministry.

It gives special attention to the preparation necessary for effective ministry with and among ethnic minorities in the United States and Canada, and peoples in the developing countries of the world.