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Academic Extension Programs In Alabama

Hood Theological Seminary offers an extension Master of Divinity program at Lomax-Hannon Junior College in Greenville, Alabama. This ATS approved program is a modified version of our Track II Curriculum, spread over four years. Students in this program may take up to fifty-six hours (56) at the extension site and twenty-eight hours (28) on the main campus.

Extension Site Offers

  • Inter-Campus Audio-Visual Connections
  • Dynamic personal interaction between students & faculty at both sites
  • Face to Face contact with professors


Physical address: 725 South Conecuh Street, Greenville, AL  36037.
Mailing address: 808 S. Lawrence Street, Montgomery, AL  36104.

Program offered at the extension Site

The Master of Divinity (M.Div.) is the major program of the Seminary. It is designed to provide a well-rounded preparation for ordained ministry by:

(1) providing students with the foundational knowledge in all disciplines essential to the practice of ordained ministry; and (2) enabling students to interpret that knowledge and apply it in a relevant way in the cultural contexts of their own ministries. In Track I this program may be completed in a minimum of three or a maximum of seven years; in Track II the program may be completed in a minimum of four or a maximum of eight years. The Alabama Extension program is coordinated with the Track II program.

The M.Div. is awarded upon the satisfactory completion of 84 credit hours distributed among required courses, a writing component, and elective courses, as described in the chapter on "Curricula and Courses." According to the number of credits earned, students in the M.Div. program are classified as follows:

- a student having completed fewer than 28 semester hours.
Middler - a student having completed 28 - 55 semester hours.
Senior - a student having completed 56, but fewer than 84 semester hours.