Academic Programs: Doctor of Ministry

The Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) is the highest degree awarded by the seminary. It is designed to help experienced Christian ministers better integrate intellectual and theological reflection with practical insights of ministry.

With that in mind, the program is designed to accomplish three things:

(a) to enable the students to update themselves on what has happened in selected fields of theological studies since their earlier seminary education;

(b) to provide the students with the opportunity to explore dimensions of theological and ministerial disciplines not explored previously by them; and

(c) to challenge the students to perfect their strengths for higher standards of excellence in the practice of their respective ministries. The D.Min. may be completed in a minimum of three years and a maximum of seven years.

The D.Min. is awarded upon the satisfactory completion of 35 credit hours comprising three seminars, four group electives, two individual electives, and a final doctoral project. The students usually pursue this degree in a peer group. Promotion to candidacy comes on the successful completion of the first two seminars and the six electives.