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Hood Seminary Handbook

The New Hood Seminary Handbook will be posted as soon as it becomes available.

Student Activities

The Seminary encourages the engagement and participation of the students in all the activities affecting the life of its community.

Those activities include:

The Student Government Association (SGA):

This association administers the affairs of the student body in consultation with the faculty. Duly elected officers of the SGA, as stipulated by its constitution, together with representatives from each class, comprise the governing body of the SGA.

        2014-2015 SGA officers: 

President: Tonisha Johnson

Vice President: Charlrean "Chuck" Mapson

Treasurer: Stanley Rivers 

Secretary: Janet Garner-Mullins

At-large/Track I rep: Teresa Cromedy

Every student is a member of the SGA and pays an annual fee towards its support.

Representation on Faculty Committees:

Representatives of the students are included on several committees of the faculty, and in the monthly Faculty Meetings of the Seminary.

Pastoral Assistants:

While the Seminary has no authority and thus assumes no responsibility for assigning students as pastoral assistants, many students serve in such positions in local churches. When necessary, the Seminary initiates the placement of students as pastoral assistants; and when asked by a local church, the Seminary recommends students for required positions.

Residential Life:

Depending on the availability of space in the dormitory, commuting students may be accommodated there for one to three nights each week. For more information, see the housing page.

The Hood Singers/Gospel Choir:

Several students combine their musical talents in a chorus that provides selections during the weekly chapel services and on special occasions in the life of the Seminary.