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Fall 2022 Messinger-Williams Family Community Education Initiative Book Study

An Introduction to the Ethics of Abortion

Moving Beyond Simple Answers and Partisan Politics

Dialogues on the Ethics of Abortion

Reading: Dialogues on the Ethics of Abortion (Routledge, 2022) by Bertha Alavarez Mannen, Professor of Philosophy, Arizona State University.

From the publisher: "What happens when two intelligent and highly informed fictional college students, one strongly pro-choice and the other vigorously pro-life, are asked to put together a presentation on abortion? Their conversations over five days — friendly but lively, charitable but clear— are captured in Dialogues on the Ethics of Abortion, an easy-to-use volume and valuable resource for anyone interested in a fair and clear-headed approach to one of the most contentious moral issues of our time."

Facilitator: Trevor Eppehimer, PhD. Messinger-Williams Family Associate Professor of Theology and Ethics at Hood Theological Seminary (Salisbury NC)

  • Week One (Oct. 3-7) - Chapter One: Roe v. Wade and other relevant legal cases (pp. 1-25)
  • Week Two (Oct. 10-14) - Chapter Two: What is a person? What is a moral community? Who is included in it? (pp. 26-50)
  • Week Three (Oct. 17-21) - Chapter Three: Personal identity and abortion; Don Marquis's "Why Abortion is Immoral" (pp. 51-77)
  • Week Four (Oct. 24-28) - Chapter Four: Bodily autonomy and abortion; Judith Jarvis Thomson's "A Defense of Abortion" (pp. 78-107)
  • Week Five (Oct. 31-Nov. 4) - Chapter Five: Hard cases; Fathers and abortion (pp. 108-138)

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