Request a Transcript

A transcript is a complete copy of the student’s academic record at the time that it is issued. It contains all course work, including undergraduate, graduate and/or non-degree, taken while enrolled at Hood Theological Seminary.

The Seminary only issues official transcripts at the authorization or written request of the student concerned. Hood will NOT issue a partial transcript; the Seminary automatically sends all course work when a transcript is requested.

Request an Official Transcript Online

Please go HERE for information on requesting an official transcript online.

Request an Official Transcript in Person or through the Mail

  • If coming in person, the requestor will be required to pay a $5.00 fee per transcript and complete a form in our office.
  • Students requesting a transcript by mail should download the transcript request form found below, complete, sign, and mail the completed form to the address provided. If necessary, a student may send a letter that includes her/his full name (including maiden name), current address, telephone number, e-mail address, student identification number or SSN, the address where the transcript is to be mailed, $5.00 per transcript, and the student requestor's signature.
  • Transcript requests are not accepted via e-mail due to the authenticity of signatures and the possibility of fraud nor are they processed prior to the receipt of the $5 fee. Transcripts will only be issued for students who are in good standing with the Business Office. Transcripts from other institutions submitted to Hood for admission or transfer credit evaluation will not be photocopied or forwarded elsewhere.

Download a Transcript Request Form