Message from the President

We welcome you to the challenge of a lifetime. The ministry of learning is part and parcel of preparation for a vibrant and balanced ministry of service. The institutional goal of Hood Theological Seminary is theological preparation for effective ministry in a diverse society.

As a unique community committed to spiritual leadership development, we invite you to apply all of your gifts to the tasks of personal spiritual growth, deep intellectual reflection, and building new relationships. Moreover, we are extremely proud of the rich tradition of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church for its pioneering leadership in liberation of the enslaved and oppressed and the mandate to share the redeeming and healing Gospel of Jesus Christ with a hurting world.

Your presence with us as co-learners affirms our commitment to the ecumenical and Pan-Methodist Movements. We value different faith perspectives and we cherish differences in race and gender, as an appreciation and respect for the creative wonder of a loving God. In the spirit of the Wesleyan heritage, we will strive to enrich your lives with excellent habits of genuine prayer, vibrant fellowship, grounded theological reflection, and meaningful service, which are consistent with the way of life as shared by Jesus Christ.

Vergel L. Lattimore, President

Answering the Call - An Interview with President Vergel Lattimore