A Message from the Director


Welcome to the Center for Chaplaincy at Hood Theological Seminary!

The important and significant role of the chaplain has become more recognized as an essential service toward humankind in the delivery of holistic, ecumenical care. The chaplain’s role is a vibrant opportunity to actualize one’s call and desire to serve the present age via the delivery of pastoral care in a plethora of settings that include military, hospital, correctional settings, law enforcement agencies, academic institutions, as well as corporate and community environments. Therefore, the Center for Chaplaincy at HTS was created to share and disseminate information and resources regarding the various aspects of chaplaincy that extend beyond the traditional parish and hospital settings.

To receive more information, we invite you to:

  • Participate in our events and workshops
  • Dialogue with our guest speakers
  • Discover your call to chaplaincy

We also invite you to:

  • Partner with us in creative ways
  • Give us your prayerful support
  • Offer us your financial support

During your visits to Hood, we encourage you to come by the Center for Chaplaincy, located in the NeighborHOOD Student Center.

Thanks so much; we look forward to seeing you!