​Financial Aid Work-Study Positions

Community Service Work-Study Positions:

Community services are defined as services that are identified by an institution of higher education through formal or informal consultation with local nonprofit, governmental, and community-based organizations, as designed to improve the quality of life for community residents, particularly low-income individuals, or to solve particular problems related to their needs. Examples of these services may include health care, child care, literacy training, education (including tutoring), and support for students with disabilities. To be considered employed in a community service job, the student does not necessarily have to provide a "direct" service. For example, a student working for a "meals on wheels" program may prepare meals for the program without having any direct contact with the community residents, yet the service he or she is providing is very important in meeting community needs.

When reviewing potential community service agencies, we take priority on those agencies that will meet the human, educational, environmental, and public safety needs of the community.


Students will assist teachers/school staff at local elementary, middle and high schools within your area. The director of financial aid will hire students and then work with the counselor at the school for placement. Regular classroom teachers will determine the children who need tutoring and the specific needs of those children in order to maximize the effectiveness of the tutoring. Tutoring may be one-on-one or in group settings. The tutor must have adequate reading skills; previous tutoring experience is preferred. Also, students who are planning on majoring in education are preferred. Tutoring will take place Monday through Friday. The tutors will work from 5-9 hours per week and will be paid $15.00 per hour. Questions concerning this position should be directed to the Director of Financial Aid at adavisbaxter@hoodseminary.edu or 704-636-6023.

Other Positions:

Eligible Students may submit names and contact information for potential work-study placements. Work hours 5-9 per week and will be paid $15.00 per hour.

Organizations must meet the offer the following:

  • Rewarding work with a variety of non-profit or government partners that help the people in our community
  • Positions that may include working with students in local schools or after-school programs, working with the elderly or at-risk, working as math or reading tutors/mentors, or working with local government agencies.

Please contact the Financial Aid Office for more information at adavisbaxter@hoodseminary.edu or 704-636-6023.