Purpose and Objectives

Professional chaplaincy is a growing area within the practice of ministry. Chaplaincy is also a dynamic vocation within a variety of settings including hospitals, higher education, retirement communities, military institutions, correctional settings, law enforcement, fire protection and emergency response organizations, as well as business and industrial agencies. The Center will extend the Seminary’s involvement with the community through expanded professional relationships.


The Center for Chaplaincy at Hood Theological Seminary is established as a vehicle to foster awareness, information exchange, and collaboration about the opportunities and practices in the field of professional chaplaincy.


The Center for Chaplaincy at Hood Theological Seminary will partner with chaplain practitioners from representative professional organizations to fulfill the following objectives:

  • Educate students and interested individuals about the various types of chaplaincy
  • Provide opportunities for professional chaplains to participate in continuing education programs and workshops
  • Create and sponsor visitation opportunities for individuals to network with chaplain professionals
  • Facilitate formal and informal learning opportunities within selected chaplain organizations

The Center for Chaplaincy's Advisory Board consists of chaplains representing various settings.

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