Master of Arts in Chaplaincy

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In an ever-evolving world filled with a plethora of situations that inundate the lives of all humankind, chaplaincy is a viable profession that crosses ministerial lines and belief systems providing unprecedented care in all aspects of life from the spiritual to the secular. Chaplains meet people where they are in the midst of their circumstances, whether it is in the workplace, via healthcare services in hospitals, in prisons, on athletic fields, in military branches, on cruise ships, in individuals’ homes, on the streets, in the midst of movements, during pandemics, in behavioral health settings, in governmental agencies, etc., all the while ensuring recipients of their care that time is not devoid of spiritual guidance and support. Serving the “present age” in today’s society must and can occur, and a Master of Arts in Chaplaincy degree is a means to revisioning ministry while expanding professional opportunities to engage in authentic, compassionate care as well as ministry and leadership training across diverse landscapes.

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