How Your Gifts Help

Firm Foundation Annual Fund

Support for the annual fund is the first and most important gift one can make to the Seminary. Annual fund gifts are applied immediately and directly to affect the things we care about most - providing quality academic programs, making tuition affordable for talented seminarians and maintaining a world-class faculty.

Through your generosity and God's grace we will be able to meet our Annual Fund goals each year. Please give as generously as you are able. You may wish to consider a monthly gift through a convenient bank draft or through scheduled on-line giving.

Your gifts to the Firm Foundation Annual Fund create scholarships, support teaching and research, and support the Seminary in general.

Scholarship Support

Annual scholarships provide the resources needed to continue to attract and graduate qualified students at Hood. The Seminary provides very challenging academics in offering the following degrees: Master of Divinity, Master of Theological Studies, and the Doctor of Ministry. Your support provides students with financial based and merit based scholarships. Your gift allows the next generation of Christian leaders and scholars to pursue their call to serve.

Hood Seminary encourages you to consider endowing a scholarship as follows:

  • A minimum contribution of $25,000 for an Endowed Legacy Scholarship
  • A minimum contribution of $50,000 for an Endowed Presidential Scholarship
Chairs and Professorships

Hood has outstanding faculty who have a wide range of Theological and Christian education and experiences from leading national seminaries. Gifts to create named chairs and professorships allow the Seminary to retain and attract talented teacher-scholars who provide an exceptional theological education to our students. The funds for endowed chairs and professorships are also placed in the restricted endowments of the Seminary and will provide lasting resources for quality professorships and future Hood students. You too may start building an endowment. Your gift will help the Seminary to maintain, attract and develop world-class faculty and staff.

Hood Seminary encourages you to consider endowing a chair as follows:

  • A minimum contribution of $500,000 for an Endowed Faculty Chair
  • A minimum contribution of $250,000 for an Endowed Professorship

The proposed new Chapel will be the physical centerpiece of the campus for the enrichment of the spiritual life of the students and the community as a whole, and the place where the homiletical skills of the ministerial students will be honed and tested. The Chapel will also serve as a sanctuary to all who might seek peace, grace, and tranquility through prayer and worship. You are invited to help ensure the reality of a new chapel. Your gift to support our new Chapel will help provide a place of worship for our students and the community for the enrichment of the Christian worship, praise, sanctification, and prayer experience.


The Library is the intellectual center of a seminary and as Hood grows, so must its library collection and the availability of its resources, both print and electronic. As Hood is a school of graduate education, maintaining a relevant library in theological education is crucial to supporting the Seminary’s programs. Your gift to the Library will be used to acquire materials on biblical studies, theology, worship, and the history of religion for the use of Seminary students, faculty, and registered members of the greater Rowan County community. Your gift to support the new Library will further enhance the potential knowledge acquired by our dedicated students.

Doctoral Program

Our doctoral program equips students with an enhanced understanding of the nature and purposes of Christian ministry, including a deeper biblical and theological foundation. Your gift supports Hood’s commitment to advance Christian leaders, educators and pastors in the areas of Pastoral Theology, Pastoral Care, Leadership in Ministry and Social Justice.

Residential and Community Education

A healthy learning environment emphasizing social and relationship skills is imperative to the success of Hood’s students. Our ecumenical and diverse community is one of the hallmarks of Hood Theological Seminary. Your gifts support programs to foster a diverse community, open residential living, and commitment to service.

Service Oriented Field Education

Field education and community service is very important to the success of Christian leaders. Opportunities to serve in countries around the world in places like Brazil, Korea, Ethiopia, South America, Japan, and India provide great spiritual growth for our students. Your gifts to support Service Oriented Field Education will allow our students exposure to the practical aspects of ministry at hospitals, prisons, churches, social service agencies, and nonprofit organizations.

Theological Research, Lecture Series, and Christian Thought Programs

Through research, teaching, and advocacy, Hood prepares Christian leaders to address issues at the intersection of theological thought, race, class, gender, and social justice.

Hood sponsors lecture series, programs, research initiatives, and symposia that prepare students for spiritual growth and ministerial formation.

Your gifts will support Christian thought and scholarly lectures and programs, theological research, social justice programs, racial reconciliation programs, and lectures in Christianity regarding class and gender issues.

Naming Opportunities at the Seminary

As the Seminary continues to grow, there are many naming opportunities.

Your gifts will provide naming opportunities at various classrooms, conference rooms, the new library, the new chapel, two residence halls, and other areas at the Seminary.

Answering the Call - An Interview with Mr. John Everett, Director of Institutional Advancement and Enrollment Management