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financial aid

The Seminary adheres to the principle expressed by the Association of Theological Schools that students must expect to cover a manageable portion of the cost of their theological education. That principle notwithstanding, Hood's tuition is far lower than the actual cost of its education.

A conservative estimate of the average cost of theological education is approximately three times the cost of the tuition at Hood. This means that a significant portion of the cost is paid mostly by the AME Zion Church, on whose munificence and benefaction the Seminary depends.

Financial aid consists of scholarships, grants, and loans which provide funds for students to assist them in paying for educational expenses. At Hood Theological Seminary, funds are awarded to students based on their qualifications and/or financial need.

Please follow the link to access ALL financial aid instructions and documents, scholarships, and updates.
 Direct Loans
Are you in default on any loans? If YES, you are NOT eligible to receive federal student aid until ALL defaults are resolved. Contact the school where the loan was originated.

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