Message from the Dean of Students

At Hood, intellectual discourse and ministerial preparation occur in tandem within the framework of a community of faith.Thus, student life is designed with the recognition that learning extends beyond the classroom to the student lounge, refectory, chapel, and campus residence. Life long bonds are fostered when the community studies together, fellowships together, and celebrates together God's presence and activities among us.

The diversity of the Hood community enriches the student life experience and this is even more evident when each person participates fully in the Seminary activities.Some activities are structured and others are unstructured, encouraging students to share their gifts and talents.We encourage our students not to stand on the sidelines as spectators but to get involved in the Hood community and become true participants in the neighborHood.

I look forward to working with all of you as you prepare yourselves for ministry within the context of truly nurturing Christian community, and in fostering the in-breaking of God's kingdom here at Hood and in the respective communities to which you belong.

Dora R. Mbuwayesango