Certificate in Christian Education (CCE) Program

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Rationale: Hood is offering a Certificate in Christian Education as a non-degreed program to provide nurture for persons serving in educational ministry within various congregations and denominations. It is not embedded as a concentration within any of the master’s degrees offered. This Certificate in Christian Education is designed to prepare persons (clergy or lay) for leadership in Christian Education on denominational, judicatory, regional, ecumenical, or congregational levels and other arenas requiring such expertise. The target audience is also for those who have not earned a bachelor’s degree, but possess a high school diploma, high school equivalency or an associate degree.

Requirement for the Certificate in Christian Education – 15 hours that should be completed within one year and a half (3 semesters) to two years (4 semesters) and may include J-term and summer intensives.

Certificate in Christian Education Courses

1. Biblical Studies
BST 112 (Introduction to NT 1 (Gospels and Acts) – 3 hours
BST 113 Introduction to NT II (Epistles and the Apocalypse) (3 hours)

2. History of Christianity
CHT 115 History of Christianity in a Global Context (3 hours)

3. Christian Education
PTH 120 Foundations and Principles of Christian Education (3 hours)

4. Theology and Ethics
TSE 110 Systematic Theology I (3 hours)

5. Christian Education elective
One Elective Choice in Christian Education (3 hours)
PTH 122 Teaching and Learning in Christian Education (3 hours)
PTH 221 Christian Education in the Black Church (3 hours)