History of Christianity


Academic Studies: History of Christianity

The courses in History of Christianity are designed to enable students to become conversant with and competent in utilizing in their ministry a comprehensive knowledge of the important developments within the Christian church. Among the subjects of particular importance are the development of Christian thought in the early church, the Reformation and Post-Reformation periods, the American Religious adventure, the Evangelical Revival in Britain, and the development of the African American churches.


Required Courses M. Div.

History of Christianity I 3 hours
History of Christianity II 3 hours
American Church History 3 hours
Total 9 hours

Required Courses M.T.S.

History of Christianity II 3 hours
History of Christianity in the United States 3 hours
Total 6 hours

Required Courses Diploma Program

Survey of the History of the Church 3 hours


 Trevor Eppehimer, Michael Frencher, Donald Haynes.