Chapter 33/Post 9/11 - Veteran

If you have already used Veteran Education Benefits at a previous institution please follow the steps below.

NOTE: If you are a transfer student, but this is your first time using Veteran Education Benefits, please return to the main page and follow the instructions for First Time Veteran Education Benefits users.

Step 1. Apply to transfer your benefits on the Department of Veteran Affairs website by completing a Veterans OnlineApplication (VONAPP). Submitted applications cannot be viewed or printed. However, you will be able to view and print your submission Confirmation Page. A copy of this page should be forwarded to the Hood Certifying Official.

Step 2. Submit your Hood Disclosure Form and your Certificate of Eligibility (when received), to the Hood Certifying Official (the Registrar).

Step 3. Register for classes at Hood.

Note: Any schedule change made after you complete Hood Theological Seminary enrollment and the Hood Certifying Official has processed your “Enrollment Certification” to the VA, may result in your owing money to the VA.

Important Notes for Chapter 33 Students:

To initiate VA payment processing of your Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) and your Book Stipend, both consistent with your Post-9/11 Percent Eligibility, your enrollment credit hours are reported to the VA as soon as your Hood registration is processed by the Hood Certifying Official.

Payments for tuition/fees consistent with your Post-9/11 Percent Eligibility, will be wire transferred by the VA directly to your Hood student account. Your monthly Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) will be wire transferred to the bank account identified in your VONAPP application. It is paid on the first of the month for the previous month and is only paid for the days that you are enrolled in class. So, for example, for the Fall semester if classes start on August 25, you would be paid on September 1 for August 25-31. This would not be a full month’s payment. The first full payment will come on October 1 for the month of September.

VA Education Benefits pay for the classes in which you are enrolled. Enrollment changes following VA Enrollment Certification for the term (e.g. Withdrawals) may result in VA debt. If you are unsure of the potential debt impact of contemplated enrollment changes, please check with the Hood Certifying Official (the Registrar).