Visiting Professor

Adjunct Faculty


Andre Resner Jr.

Andre Resner Jr.


B.A., Pepperdine University (1980);
M.S., Pepperdine University (1988);
M.Div., Princeton Theological Seminary (1988);
Ph.D., Princeton Theological Seminary (1998).
Denominational Affiliation:
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Minister of Word and Sacrament

Teaching Interests:
Introductory preaching
Homiletics as a subdiscipline of Practical Theology
Preaching on social issues
Preaching and the lectionary
Preaching in the context of worship
Worship: from traditional to emergent and missional
Oral interpretation of scripture
Digital Media & Visual Rhetoric in Preaching and Worship

Publications and Presentations:

Just Preaching: Prophetic Voices for Economic Justice (St. Louis: Chalice Press, 2003) Named one of the top ten books of the year by the Academy for Parish Clergy

Preacher and Cross: Person and Message in Theology and Rhetoric
(Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1999)

Articles (selected, not comprehensive):
"Casting Our Mammon on the Baptismal Waters: Preaching Economic Justice in Lent," Journal for Preachers, 27 (2004) 42-50.

"Character," in The New Interpreter's Bible Handbook of Preaching, edited by Paul Scott Wilson (Abingdon: 2008).

Commentary on the Homiletical Perspective of various biblical texts in Feasting on The Word: The Lectionary Commentary Series, Volume II and III, edited by David L. Bartlett and Barbara Brown Taylor (Westminster John Knox Press, 2008-10).

"Ethos," in The New Interpreter's Bible Handbook of Preaching, edited by Paul Scott Wilson (Abingdon: 2008).

"Social Justice," in The New Interpreter's Bible Handbook of Preaching, edited by Paul Scott Wilson (Abingdon: 2008).

"Lament: Faith's Response to Loss," in Restoration Quarterly, 32 (1990) 129-142.
"Logos," in The New Interpreter's Bible Handbook of Preaching, edited by Paul Scott Wilson (Abingdon: forthcoming).

Numerous entries throughout all three volumes in The Lectionary Commentary: Theological Exegesis for Sunday's Texts, edited by Roger Van Harn (Eerdmans, 2001).

"Preaching as Show and Tell: All I Ever Needed to Preach a Good Sermon I Learned in Kindergarten," Restoration Quarterly, 40 (1998) 253-260.

"Preaching the Cross: A Confessional Journey," Journal for Preachers, 24 (2001) 15-28.
"Reading, Preaching and Teaching the Psalms," Leaven, 4 (1996) 37-39.

"Reading the Text for Economic Justice: Mark 12:38-44 for Stewardship Season," in Living Pulpit, 12 (2003) 6-7.

"To Worship or Evangelize: Ecclesiology's Phantom Fork in the Road," Restoration Quarterly, 36 (1994) 65-80.

Book Reviews (selected, not comprehensive):
Achtemeier, Elizabeth, Preaching from the Minor Prophets: Texts and Sermon Suggestions (Eerdmans, 1998) in Princeton Seminary Bulletin, 20 (1999) 354-356.

Aden, Leroy and Robert Hughes, Preaching God's Compassion: Comforting Those Who Suffer (Augsburg Fortress, 2002) in Interpretation, 58 (2004) 218-220.

Allen, Ronald, Contemporary Biblical Interpretation for Preaching (Judson Press, 1984) in Koinonia, 3 (1991) 83-85.

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Mays, James Luther, Psalms (Westminster/John Knox Press, 1994) in Restoration Quarterly 37 (1995) 189-190.

Chapters in Books (selected, not comprehensive):
"At Cross Purposes: Gospel, Scripture, and Experience in Preaching," in Preaching Autobiography: Connecting the World of the Preacher and the World of the Text (ACU Press, 2001): 47-74.

"The Preacher as God's Mystery Steward: Preaching Healing in an Apocalyptic Frame," in Robert Reid, edited, Slow of Speech and Unclean Lips (Wipf and Stock Publishers, forthcoming).

Sermons (selected, not comprehensive):
"A Year of Lament," Princeton Seminary Bulletin 9 (1988) 159-162.
"And So, We are Angry: A Sermon," Testament: a Publication of the Princeton Theological Seminary Community 3 (1991) 21-24.

"Christmas at Matthew's House," Wineskins, 12/19/02 (

"Knowing and Being Known (Psalm 139)," in Howard Butt Jr., Renewing the Spirit, Healing the Soul (Laicom, 2000).

"Looking at the Doorknob," Image Magazine 12 (1996) 7-9.

"Maintain the Broken Wall: Ephesians 2:14-18," Restoration Quarterly 32 (1990) 121-125.

"The Seeker," in Wineskins, 7/5/98

Newspaper Articles:
"How Will You Finish the Story?" Salisbury Post, March 26, 2005.

"Would an Act of God be so Sloppy?" Salisbury Post, October 12, 2005.

Online Publications:

"Glorious Spectacles,"

"N.T. Professor Slapped with Textual Harassment Suit,", 12/9/00.

"One Thing I Do,"

"The Power of Negative Thinking,"

"Too Faithful to Work?"

Current Areas of Research:
The hermeneutics of the gospel in relation to scripture and context
The relationship of rhetoric and theology in preaching the gospel
Interdisciplinary matters pertaining to theology's relationship to social science disciplines
The nature of the preacher's person in relation to preaching the gospel
Social Justice issues in relation to preaching the gospel
Emerging Church and Emerging Worship
Practical Theology and Homiletics as a Discipline

Prior Teaching:
New Brunswick Theological Seminary, New Brunswick, NJ
Abilene Christian University, Abilene, TX

The Academy of Homiletics -Convener of the Pedagogy Work Group
The Association of Practical Theology
The Society of Biblical Literature

"No Preacher Left Behind: One Prerequisite for the Introductory Course in Preaching" as part of a panel in the Pedagogy Work Group, The Academy of Homiletics, Washington, D.C., 2009

"Blessed Be the Tie that Binds," at the Christian Scholars Conference, Lipscomb University, 2009

"Preaching as Apocalyptic Discourse: Preaching the Cure Stories from the Gospels," at the Christian Scholars Conference, Lipscomb University, June, 2008

"Reading the Bible and Preaching the Gospel," at the Academy of Homiletics and the Society of Biblical Literature Convention, Boston, MA, November, 2008

"On Why Persuasion May (Not) Be a Dirty Word for Preaching: The Discipline of Homiletics," at the Academy of Homiletics in Boston, MA, November, 2008